Do You Need Therapy?
Epstein Mental Health Inventory (EMHI) v. 2.0.1, © 2007-2012, Dr. Robert Epstein  

Before we get to the inventory itself, we will ask you a few basic questions about yourself. Demographic information is being collected for research purposes only and will be kept strictly confidential. Remember: click only on the statements with which you agree.

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*Highest Degree:
High School

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Gay or lesbian


*How happy and fulfilled are you?
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*How much success have you had lately in your personal life?
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*How much success have you had lately in your professional life?
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*Have you ever been in therapy?

*Have you ever been hospitalized for a mental health problem?

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Thanks! Now here is the test itself:

1. For at least the past six months, I have felt unusually restless, fatigued, irritable, tense, or distractible. 

2. I am extremely afraid of an object or a particular situation, and when exposed to that object or situation, I experience great fear or panic. 

3. I have, for at least several years, experienced symptoms of pain or illness or other physical dysfunction that cannot be accounted for by standard medical tests. 

4. During the past month, my speech or my thinking has sometimes become muddled or incoherent. 

5. I believe very strongly that my appearance is defective, and my belief makes me feel very nervous or anxious. 

6. I believe very strongly that I suffer from a serious illness, even though a physician has assured me that I am healthy. 

7. I am extremely afraid of some object or situation, and my fear interferes with my ability to function normally in my work or home life. 

8. I'm sure that people are out to get me, even though some people may not agree that this is so. 

9. I am in a personal relationship that is highly unsatisfying to me, and I unable to remove myself from this relationship. 

10. I am afraid to be around other people in certain situations, and I realize that my fears may be unreasonable or excessive. 

11. I am in a personal relationship in which I frequently and persistently experience painful feelings. 

12. I am preoccupied with gambling, and I seem to have trouble controlling my gambling behavior. 

13. For at least the past week, I have been taking enormous risks without thinking about what might go wrong. 

14. I am highly fearful of one or more situations in which I need to interact with other people. 

15. For at least the past two weeks, I have felt depressed most of every day. 

16. In certain social situations, I feel extremely anxious. 

17. I see nothing wrong with lying and don't care much about the safety or welfare of other people. 

18. I often have disturbing dreams about a terrible experience I had in the past. 

19. Recently, my energy level has been unusually low. 

20. Over the past year, I have had to use larger and larger amounts of alcohol or drugs to get satisfaction or to cope with my problems. 

21. I find it difficult or impossible to become sexually aroused or to have an orgasm. 

22. For at least the past two weeks, I have found it difficult to get any pleasure from daily activities that I used to enjoy. 

23. I do certain things or think certain things over and over again in order to calm myself or to prevent something terrible from happening. 

24. Over the past year, my mood has shifted more than once from depressed to highly elevated. 

25. I seem to be incapable of having a close relationship with another person. 

26. My eating habits have recently changed dramatically. 

27. I regularly eat a great deal and then vomit or use laxatives or other extreme means to prevent weight gain. 

28. Over the past year, I have tried and have been unable to decrease the amount of alcohol I drink, drugs I use, or cigarettes I smoke. 

29. Over the past year, I have had to drink more alcohol or take more drugs to satisfy my needs. 

30. For at least the past six months, I have been extremely anxious and worried about a number of different events and activities. 

31. I often find myself having disturbing recollections related to a traumatic event I experienced in the past. 

32. I often act impulsively, and this causes me great difficulty at times. 

33. Certain thoughts occur to me over and over again and cause me great anxiety, and I think that these thoughts might be irrational or excessive. 

34. My mood shifts rapidly from depressed to highly elevated, with no apparent reason. 

35. I am preoccupied with my weight or the shape of my body, and as a result I eat or exercise in ways that some people might consider unusual. 

36. During the past month, while I have been fully awake I have sometimes seen or heard things which might not be real. 

37. I am sometimes unable to control my anger. 

38. I repeat certain behaviors or thoughts excessively, and I can't seem to stop doing so. 

39. For at least the past week, I haven't seemed to need much sleep. 

40. I have experienced extreme panic in the past, and I am often fearful that I will experience another episode of extreme panic. 

41. Over the past year, my mood has sometimes shifted without any apparent reason. 

42. I am in a personal relationship in which communication is poor or in which my partner and I are unable to resolve problems. 

43. I have recently experienced one or more episodes of extreme panic in which I was trembling or sweating or felt like I was going to die. 

44. I have little or no desire to engage in sexual activity, and this lack of desire concerns me or causes problems in one or more of my relationships. 

45. I suffer from an extreme fear of some object or situation, and I believe this fear may be excessive or unreasonable. 

46. I sometimes find myself reliving the horror of a traumatic event I experienced in the past. 

47. I have recently experienced dramatic changes in my sleep patterns. 

48. For at least the past six months, I have experienced excessive nervousness and worry that I find difficult to control. 

49. I am unwilling or unable to eat or to digest enough food to maintain a healthy body weight. 

50. For at least the past six months, I have had strange sexual urges—for example, a desire to have sexual contact with young children or inanimate objects. 

51. Certain places or situations make me feel trapped or in danger, and I feel extremely nervous in these places or situations. 

52. For at least the past week, I have been feeling incredibly important—almost like a god. 

53. During the past month, I have sometimes lost control over the movement of parts of my body. 

54. For at least the past two weeks, I have been thinking frequently about wanting to die.