Announcing the first annual National Youth Rights Day

April 14, 2010


    First conceived in late 2009 by Alex Koroknay-Palicz and Robert Epstein, Ph.D., National Youth Rights Day was created to be an annual effort to recognize and celebrate the rights young people have and the rights they should have. Throughout the nation, and throughout the world, young people are seen as second class citizens whose freedom, equal rights, and safety are cast aside due to their age. This day is created to build awareness of the idea that individuals should be judged by their character and abilities, not their birthdate.

    The first National Youth Rights Day (NYRD) is scheduled for April 14, 2010. April 14 is the birthdate of John Holt, the pioneering educator, writer, and advocate for the rights of youth. This effort is starting small, but NYRD sponsors are organizing events around the country on April 14. Whether it is high school students wearing arm bands to school in recognition of their rights or groups holding workshops, debates and gatherings to highlight these issues, there is a lot going on. Any organization that is connected to the idea of greater civil rights, civil liberties and participation for young people is encouraged to sign on as a sponsor.

    This is just the beginning. In future years we hope to expand National Youth Rights Day globally. Please join us.