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Developed by Dr. Robert Epstein, one of America's most distinguished psychologists, the Epstein Competency Inventories are unique, practical tests that measure the basic skills one needs for a fulfilling life: creativity, stress management, motivation, romantic relationships, parenting, and others. Unlike personality or intelligence tests, which measure traits that are presumed to be fixed and unchanging, competency tests measure skills that can easily be improved through education. All of Dr. Epstein's tests have been scientifically validated, meaning they have been shown to be good predictors of things people care about, such as happiness and success.

Dr. Epstein has also developed a quick-screening test for psychological problems, based on the DSM (the diagnostic manual used by therapists). Some of the tests are available in multiple formats: a full, unabridged version that gives detailed, individualized results, along with recommendations for further learning; an abridged version that can be self-scored; and a mini version that gives people an overall score but no information on separate competencies. Some of the tests are also available in multiple languages.

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Unabridged tests currently available include:

ETPI: Epstein Teen Parenting Inventory

EASI: Epstein Assertiveness Skills Inventory

EHI: Epstein Humanness Inventory

ECI: Epstein Compatibility Inventory

ECCI-i: Epstein Creativity Competencies Inventory for Individuals

ECCI-m: Epstein Creativity Competencies Inventory for Managers

EMCI-i: Epstein Motivation Competencies Inventory for Individuals

EMCI-m: Epstein Motivation Competencies Inventory for Managers

ESMI-i: Epstein Stress Management Inventory for Individuals

ESMI-m: Epstein Stress Management Inventory for Managers

EDTA: Epstein-Dumas Test of Adultness

EMHI: Epstein Mental Health Inventory

ELCI: Epstein Love Competencies Inventory

EPCI: Epstein Parenting Competencies Inventory

ESOI: Epstein Sexual Orientation Inventory

ESOI-sp: Epstein Inventario de la Orientación Sexual

ESOI-de: Epsteins Inventar der sexuellen Orientierung

ESOI-fr: Epstein Inventaire d’Orientation Sexuel

ESOI-du: Epsteins Seksuele Oriëntatie Test

ESOI-jp: Epstein Sexual Orientation Inventory (Japanese)

ESOI-hu: Epstein szexuális orientáció leltárja

ECCI-i-sp: Inventario Epstein de Competencias de Creatividad para individuos

ECCI-m-sp: Inventario Epstein de Competencias de Creatividad para gerentes

EAMS: Epstein Arranged Marriage Survey

EDII: Epstein-Dumas Infantilization Inventory

ECDI: Extended Childhood Disorder Inventory

EMHI-fr: l’Inventaire de santé mentale Epstein

Other tests under development include:

EMI: Epstein Morality Inventory

EGI: Epstein Gullibility Inventory

ERI: Epstein Resiliency Inventory

ECCI-i-po: Inventário de Competências Criativas de Epstein

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