Prompted by inquiries from readers during the four years he served as Editor-in-Chief of Psychology Today magazine, Dr. Epstein has developed a quick screening tool for mental illness—the Epstein Mental Health Inventory (EMHI)—based on the DSM, the diagnostic manual used by mental health professionals. This 5-minute test will help you determine whether you should seek further help from a mental health professional. Go to To learn more about the test, read Dr. Epstein's recent article, "Are You Mentally Healthy?," from Scientific American Mind.

In May 2013, the Epstein Mental Health Inventory was updated to be consistent with the DSM-5, the current official diagnostic manual of the American Psychiatric Association. The new version is also jargon free and easy to read and understand. To see if you might benefit by meeting with a mental health professional, visit

Technical note: The previous version of the EMHI was validated with a sample of 3,400 individuals and is a good predictor of treatment history, happiness, employment, personal and professional success, and other variables. Reference: Epstein, R., & Muzzatti, L. (2011). Preliminary validation of an online DSM-based mental health referral inventoryJournal of Technology in Human Services, 29, 284-295.