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"I’m Deepak Chopra, and you’re listening
to Dr. Robert Epstein. He’ll open your world
to the field of infinite possibilities."

Between 2005 and 2008, Dr. Epstein hosted a program called Psyched!® on SiriusXM Radio, which aired throughout the U.S. and Canada. The show offered an authoritative look at mental health and behavior and featured timely commentaries by Dr. Epstein, informative interviews with thought leaders, and answers to listeners' questions.

"Hi, this is Carrie Fisher, and you're
listening to Dr. Robert Epstein. If you want
sanity, you’ve come to the right place."

On Psyched!® and other programs he has hosted, Dr. Epstein has interviewed more than 200 notable individuals, among them: Jimmy Carter, Laura Bush, Tipper Gore, Dr. Ruth Westheimer (3 times), Jamie Lee Curtis, Steve Allen (twice), Ed McMahon, Susan Sarandon, Carrie Fisher, Maria Shriver, Buzz Aldrin, Mariel Hemingway, U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher (4 times), members of Congress, and presidents of the American Psychological Association and other professional organizations. Journalists from TIME, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post and other news outlets also joined Dr. Epstein regularly to discuss advances in mental health and the behavioral sciences.

"Hello, this is Fred Rogers from Mr. Rogers
neighborhood, and you're listening to Dr. Robert
Epstein. We’re glad to be your neighbor."

Dr. Epstein's radio career spans 18 years and includes commentaries for NPR's "Marketplace," specials for the Voice of America (broadcast worldwide), local shows and commentaries in San Diego (KPBS and KCEO), nationally broadcast weekly shows on the Cable Radio Network and the Catholic Radio Network, and a live, two-hour, Monday-through-Friday show on In addition to his regular show on Sirius, Dr. Epstein also contributed podcasts (available on iTunes) and one-minute short-form pieces that aired eight times a day.

"Hi this is Marla Maples, and you’re listening
to Dr. Robert Epstein. He may not be as rich as
Donald Trump, but he’s a much better listener."

If you're a radio professional or sponsor interested in developing new programming with Dr. Epstein, call Laura at OutInFront Publicity at 1-206-339-8311.

"This is Dr. Albert Ellis of The Albert Ellis
Institute in New York, and when I get
irrational, I talk to Dr. Robert Epstein, and
I stop my irrationality and start thinking
straight again."



Ed McMahon promo (14 sec)

Marla Maples promo (16 sec)

Buzz Aldrin promo (19 sec)

Carrie Fisher promo (19 sec)

Depression by Profession (60 sec)

Full segment with Dr. Ruth Westheimer and answers to listeners' questions (11 min).

Snippets from previous shows featuring Jimmy Carter, Maria Shriver, Laura Bush, Christie Brinkley and more (6 min).

Podcast: The Truth About Media Violence (7 min)